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Zero interest credit card

Have you heard of the zero interest credit cards introduced by NAB? What that means is that:

1. you can spend up to your approved credit limit of up to $3000 for NAB.

2. Repay no more in addition to the monthly minimum set amount and a fixed fee.

3. The monthly minimum payment goes toward paying off your outstanding balance.

4. It does not allow you to withdraw cash or transferring money from your CC to another account, does not allow purchase of travellers cheques or crypto currency

5. It blocks gambling transactions.

6. It does not allow balance transfers, add on cards and product transfers.

7. You can only apply for one NAB straight up card.

All in all, a good card to help you get over genuine cash shortages. A small credit limit will ensure you repay before you spend more. But you need to remember that there is a bank fee as against your debit card on which you don’t incur any charges.

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