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Uniform related expenses

Uniform Expenses:

1. Who is entitled to claim uniform deductions? Employees can claim Uniform expenses.

2. My employer paid for my uniform, can I still claim it in my tax? No. You should have spent the money yourself and have the receipt. 3. I wear black trousers to work. Can I claim them? Not unless they are a compulsory uniform – it is that uniform which identifies you as employee of that organisation. The employer has to strictly enforce the uniform through a workplace agreement. For example, nurses have a uniform, SES workers have a uniform.

4. What is Non-compulsory uniform? It is a uniform that your employer has registered with the AusIndustry. 5. Can I claim shoes and socks? Not unless they are a part of your compulsory uniform. 6. I have heard that everyone claims $150 deduction for laundry? Is that correct? You can claim $150 deduction only if you launder Compulsory or non-compulsory uniform. If you spend more than $150 on laundry and uniform expenses, you will need receipts to justify your claim. 7. What is protective clothing? You can claim a deduction for clothing and footwear that you wear to protect you from specific risks of illness or injury from your work activities or your work environment.

Protective clothing includes:

  • fire-resistant clothing

  • sun-protection clothing with a UPF sun protection rating

  • safety-coloured vests

  • non-slip nurse's shoes

  • protective boots such as steel-capped boots or rubber boots for concreters

  • gloves and heavy-duty shirts and trousers

  • occupational heavy duty wet-weather gear

  • boiler suits, overalls, smocks or aprons you wear to avoid damage or soiling your ordinary clothes during your work activities.

What is Occupation Specific Clothing? You can claim for occupation-specific clothing that distinctly identifies you as a person associated with a particular occupation. For example, the chequered pants a chef wears or a judge's robe.

Occupation-specific clothing, isn't every day in nature and allows the public to easily recognise your occupation.

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