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Are you thing of making a donation this season?

Make sure you check the charity's credentials before you donate.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has advised donors to check a charity’s credentials online before donating, following a significant rise in charity scams. Some steps you can take to not get conned:

- Checking a charity’s credentials on the ACNC online Charity Register before donating.

-searching for established and registered charities running verified Christmas/festive season appeals

- asking to call back someone claiming to be from a charity using the charity’s phone number published on the Register

- where a donation is made through a third-party crowdfunding campaign, being aware that the charity is bound by its own rules in the way it spends donated funds, not by a third-party’s promises

- not clicking on links in any unsolicited emails and social media posts

- not giving out credit card and bank account details on social media and being cautious when doing so online, and

- asking for identification from door-to-door and street fundraising collectors.

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